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Archive for January 27, 2014

SciFinder users prefer non-Java editor, now set as default

According to the Chemical Abstracts Service, makers of SciFinder, “Roughly two thirds of all structure searches in SciFinder now originate from the new Non-Java CAS Structure Editor…With the latest update, the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor will be set as the default structure editor. The Java version becomes the default if selected.”

For questions or concerns, please contact me at, or contact the CAS Customer Center at, 800-753-4227.

Archive for January 7, 2014

ACS adds open access options

ACS recently announced their new open access publishing solutions. There are four new venues being promoted by ACS, which are explained at These are:

ACS Editor’s Choice– one free article a day selected by ACS editors. This went live as of January 1st, view articles now at

ACS Central Science– a new journal to be published this year that will be initially free to both readers and authors.

ACS Author Rewards– Authors publishing in any ACS journal in 2014 will earn up to $1500 credit for open access to their articles. There is currently no limit to the amount of credits that can be earned.

ACS Author Choice– Reduced rates for authors from institutional subscribers (Rutgers subscribes to many ACS journals) for ACS open access agreements. Authors can also publish their own accepted, pre-edited version of a manuscript for free, without embargoes in Rutgers’ institutional repository, RUcore, or the final ACS version after a 12 month embargo. Please see for more information.