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Archive for September 21, 2017

ACS opens ChemRxiv Beta

The ACS recently announced that its new pre-print server ChemRxiv (chem archive), is available in beta at ChemRxiv is one of several new pre-print repositories modeled after ArXiv, the long running pre-print archive for physics.

A pre-print is a pre-publication version of a paper, posted online so that research can be widely shared and made freely available as soon as possible. Pre-prints are not peer-reviewed, and are not edited, they are usually published as-is. ACS does only a minimal check of submissions, stating that “ChemRxiv conducts a basic screen for plagiarism, offensive language, and non-scientific content.”

Before posting a paper on ChemRxiv or elsewhere, you should check the publication policies of any journal you intend to publish in. The ACS policies on prior publication can be found at

Please feel free to contact me at about this, or with any other questions you may have about open access. The Libraries have specialists who can help!